You’ve seen Aquadad, Wonder Mom, and Green Loner… Joining them are the Fantastic Parents, the Amazing Uncle, and Nick Fury, Director of Kids Meals.

Families Assemble!, by Andry Shango.

Whose family would you like to join?

X2 colours


Marko Djurdjevic’s X-Men redesigns that got him discovered by Marvel.

After all these years and artwork, I still love these.


James Zark - Never Mind The Mutants

  • Debbie Harry as Jean Grey
  • Henry Rollins as Colossus
  • Iggy Pop as Angel
  • Johnny Rotten as Ice Man
  • Glenn Danzig as Wolverine
  • Ian Curtis as Cyclops

There’s more to it than simply possessing super powers. To be an X-Man means possessing a strength of will — of self identity — that nothing can subvert. For better or worse, being an X-Man means not merely being born a mutant… but a hero.


Hell. Fucking. YES.

Hipster, by Phillip Sevy.

I N H E R I T . T H E . E A R T H

X-Men 50th Anniversary ± 30 X-Men Through The Decades


X-men Facts.


Something different this week: X-WEAR THROUGH THE AGES!

Who hasn’t put A LOT of thought into what uniform they’d get to wear when their mutant powers manifest? I know I’m not alone here! What’s your favorite?

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when you have a crush on your attractive female English teacher and she keeps calling on you in class.

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Frozen references: It doesn’t have to be a snowman. | requested by beacasketteer